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virgin-money-briggate.jpg Virgin Money ( Bank ), 51 Briggate, City Centre, LS1 6HD
leeds-shopping-6088.jpg HSBC Leeds ( Bank ), 33 Park Row, City Centre, LS1 1LD
halifax.king.edwd.jpg Halifax Leeds ( Bank ), 18 King Edward Street, City Centre, LS1 6BT
barclays-bank-moortown.jpg Barclays ( Bank ), 390 Harrogate Road, Moortown, LS17 6PY
santander-albion.jpg Santander Leeds ( Bank ), 73-75 Albion Street, City Centre, LS1 5AA
halifax-commercial-st.jpg Halifax Leeds ( Bank ), 32 Commercial Street, City Centre, LS1 6EY
halifax-hbos-headrow.jpg Halifax Leeds ( Bank ), 36 The Headrow, City Centre, LS1 8EQ
barclays-headrow-vicar-lane.jpg Barclays Bank ( Bank ), 1 The Headrow, City Centre, LS1 1JS
lloyds-tsb-moortown.jpg Lloyds TSB ( Bank ), 404 Harrogate Road, Moortown, LS17 6PY
natwest-vicar-lane.jpg Natwest Leeds ( Bank ), 66 Vicar Lane, City Centre, LS1 7JQ
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